HR Compliance and HR Audit

Often because a business didn’t realise it had missed something or had done something incorrectly. How do you know you have everything you need to comply with employment law and, equally importantly, how do you know it is correct and up to date?
We can guide you through a comprehensive HR audit which, by the end, will show you where you have gaps that need fixing. We will then work with you to bring you up to date. Our audit determines the effectiveness of your HR Systems, policies, processes and practices and identify potential risks, areas for improvement and opportunities to add-value. The audit will be conducted in a systematic and objective manner to assess compliance to latest employment legislation and best practice.
We ask targeted questions, initially gathering information and assessing, and then preparing a detailed report with our findings and recommendations, together with a high line Executive Summary.
The HR Audit can cover the following areas – as many or as few as you need;
• Organisational Structure
• People Management
• Policy/ Procedure
• Recruitment & Selection
• Training & Development
• Compensation & Benefits