Personality Profiling/ Psychometric Testing

  • Psychometric Profiling
  • Identity Personality Profile

that you may not be able to obtain from a test or from interview. Identity has a proven validity to help you make key decisions and select top performers. Identity can also reliably measure the following: Leadership Style, Teamworking Role, Emotional Intelligence Jung Type (same model as MBTI®) Learning Style Preference.

This makes it a unique tool for recruitment, team building, employee engagement and management development.  Feedback is given on a 1-1 basis but can then be incorporated into a Team Building or Management Development Session.

Hogan’s De-railer

Hogan’s De-railer profile – this is an essential tool for Senior Leaders helping them understand where strengths can turn into weakness when under pressure or stress and as a result de-rail them/ de-rail their business.

Hogan’s Development Survey is a psychometric that initially identifies your Leadership strengths and how best to use them but then perhaps more importantly where these strengths can become ‘overplayed’ strengths and ultimately become a ‘De-railer’.  The fact being that often your team will see these ‘De-railers’ before you and they can not only trip up your Leadership impact but also the success of the business.

Our profiling tools are completed online and then a full feedback session will share and explain the results.